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11 Simple Health Habits Worth Adopting Into Your Life

There are many different health habits that are worth adopting into your life. One of the best things that you can do if you have a busy lifestyle is to use your stairs and other furniture as gym equipment. You can walk up and down your stairs at a brisk pace as a way to do cardio. You also want to start upping your water intake, by drinking 1 extra glass per day. Finally, try to get rid of diet soda in your diet and replace it with carbonated water.

  • Artificial sweeteners aren't healthy, so try to replace them with carbonated water, unflavored tea, or fruit-infused plain water.
  • To get more sleep, go to bed a half hour earlier and turn off your phone ahead of time.
  • Begin the day with a healthy breakfast, then add greens and lettuce to your meals.

"If you have stairs at your home or office, take them every chance you get. Don’t stop there, though. For a strong cardio workout, walk up and down the stairs repeatedly. Start with a limited number of repetitions and then increase them as you feel stronger."

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Evidence shows the moon impacts our sleep, but scientists aren’t exactly sure why

Believe it or not, there is evidence that shows that the moon has an impact on our sleep. However, the issue is that scientists can't figure out why the moon has this type of impact. There was a study back in 2013 that found that subjects took longer to fall asleep and slept for a shorter period of time during a full moon. There also was a study in 2021 that showed that people went to bed at the latest time three to five days before the full moon.

  • Scientific studies have suggested a correlation between full moons and sleep difficulty.
  • The cause may be light from the moon affecting circadian rhythms, or it may be gravitational.
  • Regardless of the moon, sleep can be improved by establishing regular sleep schedules and avoiding artificial light late at night.

"The ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, believed the moon could induce madness in some people and stories of werewolves — people who turn into wolves during a full moon — are a popular part of folklore across many different cultures."

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Four Ways Dancing Makes You Happier

Although many of us would say that we are not dancers, we have been engaged in some form of dancing since infancy. There are many benefits to dancing which includes making us feel good which have been supported by many studies. Another positive is that it brings us closer together by providing events which includes verbal as well as physically contact. Dancing has also be known to help those with depression as it has been directly connected to improving mental health. Finally dancing can help us stay young by keeping us physically fit and socially involved.

  • Dancing makes us feel good and there hae been many studies that show how it reduces stress and negative emotions.
  • Dancing can help bring people together on a visceral level and also on a very obvious physical level as well.
  • Dancing can help combat depression and anxiety as it is a very upbeat type of exercise to do.

"Hopefully, the many benefits of dance will motivate you to get up and move your body, whether it’s in a packed salsa club, at the next wedding you attend, or alone in your living room."

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